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Choose from any colour

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Choose from any colour


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Tyvek wristbands  1″ plain and custom wristbands are our most popular products, at some of the cheapest prices on the market, buying them with us makes the whole process simpler and is cost effective. These are the best choice for any event, as they are cost effective, offering great quality. The wristbands are consecutively numbered, making identification easier and tampering harder.

The wristbands are waterproof, made of a paper-like material, which can be customized with screen printing to edit them however you would like. The Tyvek wristband is for one time use only, so you will know that your event is secure, as they are non transferable, preventing people from passing them on to others. With the ability to edit and customise your wristbands, they are ideal for any event, meaning you can easily identify between different people and what their Tyvek wristbands enable them to do.

Using printed wristbands for event team management. Team leaders can easily identifying their team members, whilst the managers can manage multiple departments by selected different colour printed wristbands for each team.

Ensure your guests do not access the staff only areas. At some events the staff members are unidentifiable from the guests, for both safety and security purposes simply tag your team members with these paper wristbands.

Features of our Tyvek Wristbands  – 1″ Tyvek wristbands

  • 5k Custom Wristbands ( personalised wristband design available free of charge)
  • Consecutively numbered
  • Waterproof
  • Non-tear, non-stretch – tamperproof slits
  • Wide choice of colours available
  • Next day delivery (signed for courier)