Why you need wristbands at your summer event

Event wristbands offer a wide range of advantages if you’re putting on a concert, party or any other kind of event.

Our event wristbands are consecutively numbered, making forgery of the custom wristbands very difficult. By having consecutively numbered event wristbands, it makes it easier for you to easily identify the legitimate bands from the fake, you can just simply tick off the number of each of the event wristbands upon arrival.

Event wristbands are also fully waterproof which allows them to be used in a wider range of events. By having waterproof event wristbands it means that you are able to have them at holiday parks, swimming pools and waterparks to easily identify who is allowed to be in the pools, on the slides and anywhere else where you might want some restrictions.

As well as being fully waterproof and consecutively numbered, the event wristbands also come in a wide range of different colours. By having paper wristbands in multiple colours it means that you are able to colour code your bands to what people are allowed and where they are authorised to go. If for example you have got different coloured event wristbands, you would be able to give one colour to the VIPs and another coloured event wristbands to the normal guests, this means that you will be able to easily identify your VIPs.

Paper wristbands can’t be stretched either, making removing them from wrists without damaging them very difficult. By having paper wristbands that are difficult to remove prevents people from passing on their event wristbands to other people. By preventing people from passing their wristbands means that everyone would have to by their own ticket – for example if you were holding a festival, someone could go in and see a performer that they wanted to see, leave the venue and then give their event wristband to a friend who could then also go into the festival.


Why You Should Use Paper Wristbands on a School Trip

If you are taking children away on a trip for a school, college, pre school or anything else it is obviously key to ensure the safety of the children, paper wristbands offer a great way to ensure that all of the children on the trip are kept safe at all times.

The first way that Event wristbands can ensure safety is by being brightly coloured, this means that if the children you are with do not have on a specific school uniform, you will easily be able to identify them by looking out for a brightly coloured paper wristband on their wrists, making spotting your children much easier.

Another way that security wristbands can improve the safety of a trip is by having a teacher or group leader’s phone number printed on the paper wristband. If for any reason one of the children is separated, they can simply ask to borrow a phone from someone, and call the teacher’s phone number that has been printed on the security wristband.

Have your school’s phone number, the teacher that is responsible’s name and the school badge printed on your paper wristband so that children can easily see who to contact by simply looking at their paper wristband.

Paper wristbands can be adjusted to any size to fit anyone’s wrist, this means that the event wristband will fit on any child’s wrist ensuring that it will not fall off. All of our wristbands are tamperproof and cannot just be undone or easily ripped off. By having such strong paper wristbands it will prevent any of the children from pulling off the bands which would jeopardise their safety if they were to get lost.

Paper wristbands are a great solution for schools to ensure security when taking pupils on trips. They are cheap and effective offering customisation to schools. Security wristbands can even be  chosen in any colour making it possible to pick paper wristbands that match your school’s colours.

Create your personalised paper wristband.

How Paper Wristbands Can Improve Security

Paper wristbands are a great solution to have at any event to maximise security and easily control entrance of your guests.

Security wristbands can be done by using different colours for each night or section fo the event. By using different coloured paper wristbands, means that you can alter which colour you use for various people, for example, if you choose a separate colour for VIP guests as you use for regular guests to prevent there being any unwanted guests in the VIP area.

If you have got an event on that is on multiple nights, a great way to improve security is to use different coloured paper wristbands on each night of the events. By using other colours for your security wristbands it means that people are unable to use the same wristband more than once to get into the other events without paying. The other colours will mean that bands cannot be re-used, nor can they be re-created to forge entry into events.

Another solution to the security at your events is the fact that our event wristbands are consecutively numbered to ensure that nobody will be able to re-create the wristbands to avoid paying for entry, you will simply be able to tick off the different numbers on the paper wristbands as they arrive, this prevents any rogue numbered security wristbands turning up.

If you are going to be using one colour of paper wristbands for multiple event nights, to avoid any breach of security, have the date of your event printed on the event wristband. By having the date or the name of event printed on your security wristbands avoids forgery of the wristbands. If someone is going to attempt to re-create your paper wristbands, they will need to know the colour as well as the writing and icons that have been put on the event wristbands.

We have pre-designed paper wristbands for Hen Dos, Stag Dos, VIP guests and more, alternatively to personalise your event wristbands you can create your own to add the name of your event, the logo, the date and any other icons to make sure that your security wristbands are exactly how you would like them.

Our paper wristbands are tamperproof, this means that our security wristbands cannot be taken off one person’s wrist and passed onto someone else’s. By having our event wristbands being tamperproof it will ensure that multiple people can’t attend your event while only paying for one ticket, making sure that everyone will need to purchase their own paper wristbands.

If your event is outside, being in the UK it is sensible to expect rain, that is why all of our paper wristbands are completely waterproof without any of the printing getting ruined by water. By having waterproof event wristbands it means that they will be able to be used at any kind of event in any kind of conditions.

Paper wristbands will not stretch like many other types of wristbands, this means that once your event wristband is on, it will not stretch and drop off your wrist. At many events people have issues with loosing their tickets and other types of wristbands falling off, with our tyvek wristbands you don’t need to worry about them falling off or getting lost.

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