Why you need wristbands at your summer event

Event wristbands offer a wide range of advantages if you’re putting on a concert, party or any other kind of event.

Our event wristbands are consecutively numbered, making forgery of the custom wristbands very difficult. By having consecutively numbered event wristbands, it makes it easier for you to easily identify the legitimate bands from the fake, you can just simply tick off the number of each of the event wristbands upon arrival.

Event wristbands are also fully waterproof which allows them to be used in a wider range of events. By having waterproof event wristbands it means that you are able to have them at holiday parks, swimming pools and waterparks to easily identify who is allowed to be in the pools, on the slides and anywhere else where you might want some restrictions.

As well as being fully waterproof and consecutively numbered, the event wristbands also come in a wide range of different colours. By having paper wristbands in multiple colours it means that you are able to colour code your bands to what people are allowed and where they are authorised to go. If for example you have got different coloured event wristbands, you would be able to give one colour to the VIPs and another coloured event wristbands to the normal guests, this means that you will be able to easily identify your VIPs.

Paper wristbands can’t be stretched either, making removing them from wrists without damaging them very difficult. By having paper wristbands that are difficult to remove prevents people from passing on their event wristbands to other people. By preventing people from passing their wristbands means that everyone would have to by their own ticket – for example if you were holding a festival, someone could go in and see a performer that they wanted to see, leave the venue and then give their event wristband to a friend who could then also go into the festival.


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