Why You Should Use Paper Wristbands on a School Trip

If you are taking children away on a trip for a school, college, pre school or anything else it is obviously key to ensure the safety of the children, paper wristbands offer a great way to ensure that all of the children on the trip are kept safe at all times.

The first way that Event wristbands can ensure safety is by being brightly coloured, this means that if the children you are with do not have on a specific school uniform, you will easily be able to identify them by looking out for a brightly coloured paper wristband on their wrists, making spotting your children much easier.

Another way that security wristbands can improve the safety of a trip is by having a teacher or group leader’s phone number printed on the paper wristband. If for any reason one of the children is separated, they can simply ask to borrow a phone from someone, and call the teacher’s phone number that has been printed on the security wristband.

Have your school’s phone number, the teacher that is responsible’s name and the school badge printed on your paper wristband so that children can easily see who to contact by simply looking at their paper wristband.

Paper wristbands can be adjusted to any size to fit anyone’s wrist, this means that the event wristband will fit on any child’s wrist ensuring that it will not fall off. All of our wristbands are tamperproof and cannot just be undone or easily ripped off. By having such strong paper wristbands it will prevent any of the children from pulling off the bands which would jeopardise their safety if they were to get lost.

Paper wristbands are a great solution for schools to ensure security when taking pupils on trips. They are cheap and effective offering customisation to schools. Security wristbands can even be  chosen in any colour making it possible to pick paper wristbands that match your school’s colours.

Create your personalised paper wristband.

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